July 24-26, 2020

PO BOX 457 Pugwash, N.S. B0K 1L0  harbourfest1@gmail.com

We are looking for vendors for Saturday July 25 only. 

Policies and Fee Structures

For Vendors and Community Groups


1.   Vendors include: Food, Goods, and Amusements.

2.   Vendors from all over are welcome.

3.      All Vendors must complete: a) Vendor Application Form b) Indemnity and Release Form. (see attached)

4.      Vendor Fees: $50 per booth spot per day.  All food trucks are considered to be a double booth. NO FEE FOR COMMUNITY and NOT FOR PROFIT GROUPS recognized by the Pugwash HarbourFest Committee as being vital to and demonstrating overall service to the community at large.

5.   Vendors shall operate along that portion of Water Street that is closed to regular traffic. Vendors shall ensure that any garbage created from their sales is disposed of as per the “Waste Management” document attached.

6.   Vendors shall arrange for the security of their property during off hours.

7.   Food Vendors should read the requirements found at https://novascotia.ca/agri/documents/food-safety/mobilepolicy_public.pdf

8.      Food Vendors must have a person with a Food Handling certificate on-site at all operating times. Please visit https://novascotia.ca/agri/programs-and-services/food-protection/food-hygiene-course/

9.   Vendor washroom facilities are available at Village Hall and there will be porta potties elsewhere.

10.  Water and modest electrical connections are available for vendors - please inform us in advance.

11.  Deadline for submission of forms and payment: June 30, 2020. Once we have received your completed application, required forms (if applicable), and full payment AND your product is deemed acceptable by the Pugwash HarbourFest Vendor Coordinator, we will contact you and confirm your booth space(s). Payment is fully refundable if Vendor cancels before June 30, 2020; otherwise NO REFUNDS will be issued under any circumstances.


Methods of Payment:

Cheque/money order payable to Pugwash HarbourFest

E-transfer to harbourfest1@gmail.com Please use password vendor


Receipts are available upon request. For more information,

contact Kirsteen Thomson  902 243 2684


2020 Pugwash HarbourFest

Waste Management Requirements


Vendors must:


1.         Sort Compost. Flatten cardboard and place in recyclable container behind the Pugwash Village Hall at 124 Water Street.

2.         Know the set-up behind Pugwash Village Hall (compost, recyclables, garbage) and ensure waste is properly sorted into each.

3.         Know the Keep Garbage Beneficial (KGB) team in their blue hats and t-shirts.

4.         Adhere to Cumberland County Waste Management regulations as detailed here: http://www.cjsma.ns.ca/wasteseparationguides.html

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Pugwash, NS B0K 1L0, Canada

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