Make you own boat and bring it to Dinghy Beach by 1:30 PM on Saturday, July 30

Sinkers' Conference
Cardboard Boat Race

Rules and Regulations


Approved materials for boat and paddle construction:


     Tape for joining/ Tuck tape is good but you may have to cover it with masking tape in order to paint

     Paint (preferably left over or recycled) (it is recommended that you paint your boat) 

     Glue for joining

     Stick for paddle  handle

     String and fabric for sail or flag if used.

NOT permitted: 

      Sheets  of plastic or any plastic

      Wood, except for the paddle stick


       Balloons or other inflatables

Note: Use of large amounts of tape for waterproofing is frowned upon 


Teams to consist of 2 or more people

Minimum of 2 people must be in boat. There is no maximum.

The entire crew of the boat must be in it at the start and the finish 

For safety reasons boats must not be enclosed

Prizes will be given for:

    Fastest Boat

    Most Creative Design

    Best Costume

    People’s Choice

    Titanic Award


Floatation devices must be worn. We will have some available at the launch.

For more info call 902 297 3457