Sand Sculpture Competition

Saturday, July 27, 11am 

No need to pre-register

Free to all

Bring your shovel, bucket and creative ideas to build a unique work of art out of sand.

Categories for Sand Castle and Sand Sculpture are:





1.  Sand Sculptures must consist of sand only with the exception of wood, rocks, shells, etc., found on the beach the day of the contest and used as decorations. No extra decorations from home is permitted.

2. Sand forms (flower pots, milk cartons, buckets, etc.) may be used, but only as forms.

3. The use of shovels, hoes, spatulas are permitted.

4. The castle or sculpture must be confined within the allotted space.

5. Please be respectful of the work of others. Look, but do not touch.

6. You may get water from the ocean but swimming is not permitted.

7. You have an hour and half to complete your creation.

Please let the judges know when you have completed your design.  

8. You may work as an individual or in a group of up to 4 in the appropriate age category.


JUDGING: Castles and Structures will be judged on the following basis:

DESIGN: Wow Factor/How eye catching is the design? – 10 points

CREATIVITY: Is it unique? / Originality of subjects and design – 10 points

DETAIL: Complexity of Design /Originality of shape, lines and space -10 points

NEATNESS - Sharp relief, balanced proportions overall – 10 points

TECHNIQUE - Use of forms, shaping, use of beach materials to enhance design – 10 points