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Welcome to the 12th annual HarbourFest, June 30th to July 2nd, 2017

Cumberland County’s Premiere Ocean-Front Event

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  • HarbourFest 5K Salt Dash

  • Soapbox Derby

Join us for fun in the sun, sea and sand.

HarbourFest – simply the best!

Pugwash HarbourFest is a 2-day annual festival held at Pugwash, Nova Scotia that includes water & land events, live entertainment, contests, and recreational activities for all ages. The long term goal is to develop a full service marina facility in Pugwash Harbour.

Entry to the festival grounds is free. Some events and activities charge admission or an entry fee.

Pugwash HarbourFest enjoys the support of several key corporate sponsors, area businesses, and private contributors. Government grants have been awarded for project management, marketing and promotions, and small capital projects (building of docks). Vendor fees and community group event contributions make up a small portion of the total revenue.
Proceeds are used to cover event expenses such as insurance, security, sanitary facilities, equipment rental, entertainment, advertising and printing costs and coordination fees. This ensures a clean, safe and well-attended festival for patrons and sponsors. The remaining proceeds are used to fund future events and to enhance our land and water facilities. These include our floating docks and moorings at Dinghy Beach. HarbourFest is proud to say these docks will be available for use by the public from June to September this year!

The entire community benefits from Pugwash HarbourFest! Average festival attendance has been approximately 12,000 over the 3 day period, with a record attendance of 25,000 in 2009, and 2012 when the Tall Ships visited. Under the Pugwash HarbourFest banner, community groups provide wonderful festival activities and raise much needed funds for their individual organizations. Reports from our business community indicate that the Saturday during HarbourFest is one of their best business days of the year!


Register online through: Race Roster or Running Room

Register online now through Race Roster or Running Room

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Times & Heights for Low & High Tides

2016-07-22 (Friday)

Time Height
ADT (m) (ft)
02:00 2.4 7.9
07:36 0.9 3.0
13:30 2.4 7.9
19:59 0.1 0.3

2016-07-23 (Saturday)

Time Height
ADT (m) (ft)
02:40 2.4 7.9
08:21 0.8 2.6
14:20 2.4 7.9
20:43 0.2 0.7

2016-07-24 (Sunday)

Time Height
ADT (m) (ft)
03:19 2.4 7.9
09:06 0.7 2.3
15:11 2.4 7.9
21:26 0.3 1.0